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Bass Charity presents: Friendly Relations Nr. 2


"Friendly Relations" is the first publicly available pack series by Bass Charity, which was launched to establish and strengthen contacts, create new opportunities and let the world participate in our work.
"Friendly Relations" stands for friendship and success.


This Sample Pack, composed of ten original samples, was created for every producer, and beatmaker who wants original music to take his production to the next level.


As a team consisting of producers, songwriters, artists and samplemakers we have an intimate knowledge of what makes a great sample, a fire beat and a dope song. These loops were created to be intricate enough to catch a beatmaker/producers attention but still leave enough space to spark the creativity of an artist or songwriter.


Bass Charity is a creative collective based in Switzerland who helped shape the sound of songs like:

Bryson Tiller "One Sided"
Toosie "In My Eyes"
Tory Lanez "Distance", "H.E.R.//Are You Dumb"
Bad Bunny "120"

Nicky Jam "Celosa" and many more.

All Bass Charity Samples were performed by great studio musician, recorded trough vintage analog gear, and manipulated in Ableton Live.


We are very proud to share this with you and hope you have fun with it :)

Bass Charity Friendly Relations No. 2

  • Contains:

    - Ten (10) original Loops in wav.-format, composed by Bass Charity.

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