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BASS CHARITY Advent Calendar




-17 Samples in wav.-format

-15 Vocal Runs and OneShots

-26 other Melodies or Chord-Loops

-17 Instrumental OneShots

-12 808'2

-10 Basses

-11 Drumloops

-12 Fx/Foleys

-15 Claps/Rims/Snares

-6 Percs

-7 Kicks

-6 Hats

all sounds are originally composed by Bass Charity.

The wait is over, you can get the whole calender as one!!

Get the biggest Bass Charity Pack ever.

We thought of something very special for Christmas Season, perfect for our friends, supporters and all the producers out there.


The "Advents Calendar" is the first digital Music and Producer-Calendar created and launched by Bass Charity Llc.

Each day you can get yourself some new sounds, loops, one-shots etc.

Although, what's really inside will be a surprise! 

The Advent Calendar is designed to keep yourself focused during the Advent-Season. Start everyday with some new inspiring sounds.


We wish everybody a mesmerizing Christmas Time and happy holidays :)

God bless!

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